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Water quality insight

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Eurofins Agro can examine the quality of irrigation water before and during cultivation. We offer analysis of drain (slab) and drip water and well water. After analysis you will receive a report that includes pH, EC, cations, anions, micro-nutrients and Fe. If desired, you can also receive a historical overview.

Please take the following into account when sending in a water sample:

  • Take the sample in the right way.
  • Provide all necessary information.
  • Use the smallest pack-size available*).
  • Always include orderform and air way bill.
*) Shipping costs involve both weight and size of the parcel.


If possible, please, contact a local Eurofins branch/subsidiary or your local agent for more information prior to sending samples.

Offer your package to a courier and send your sample to:

Eurofins Agro
Binnenhaven 5
6709 PD Wageningen
The Netherlands


How to take a water sample?

Here you find instructions to take a correct water sample.

Drain (slab) and drip water

Here you find the orderform drain (slab) an drip water and an instruction how to fill in this order form.

Water complete and well water

Here you find the orderform or water complete and well water and an instruction how to fill in this order form.

Residue fertilizers

Here you find the order form orderform for residue fertilizers in water

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