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Insight into how much and which nutrients a crop has absorbed allows us to better adapt the fertilization to the needs of the crop and respond appropriately to growth disruptions. Eurofins Agro offers two methods of analysing nutrient uptake by the crop: dry leaf tissue analysis (Crop Check analysis) and plant sap analysis (Plant Sap Check analysis).

If possible, please, contact a local Eurofins branch/subsidiary or your local agent for more information prior to sending samples.


Shipping instructions plant samples

When you want to sent plant samples, you have to meet strict guidelines. If not, delays will occur or the authorities will destroy the samples. Here you can download shipping instructions

How to take a crop sample for PlantsapCheck

Take a PlantsapCheck sample with care. Here you can find instructions how to take a sample.


Here you find the orderform for CropCheck.


Here you can find the orderform Plantsap Check.

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