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Plant pathology

When your plants are diseased or showing abnormalities, you want to discover the cause as quickly as you can. Eurofins Agro can give you a fast and reliable diagnosis and gives advise on the necessary measures.

Eurofins Agro is in possession of the ML-II certificate, which is issued by the Netherlands food and consumer product safety authority (NVWA). You need to add the certificate to your samples to ensure smooth handling at customs.


Crop samples containing soil from outside the EU are treated as soil and must always be provided with a permit.

It is allowed to send in samples from the crops listed below (as of 1st of March 2023). If your crop is not on the list, please contact If possible, please, contact a local Eurofins branch/subsidiary or your local agent for more information prior to sending samples.

List of crops


Shipping instructions Plantdoctor

Here you can find the shipping instructions for plantmaterial for Plantdoctor

ML-II Certificate

Here you can download the ML-II certificate. This document  is required for customs clearance of plant material.


Here you can find the orderform PlantDoctor.

DNA Multiscan

Here you can find the orderform DNA Multiscan

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